Wireless Alarm Intercom System

Inventor Jaime Yoder of Goshen, IN has developed a system that provides for an easier and more widespread means of alerting building residents of hazardous situations.

  • Supports Up To Eight Stations
  • Ionization & Photoelectric Smoke Detection
  • Powered By 120 VAC
  • Utilizes Standard Push-To-Talk Button (PTT) Intercom
  • Provides Audio Communication


Utility Patent #8,558,706

Story Behind the Invention

In order to ensure safe living conditions, many homeowners install smoke alarms throughout their house. While these alarms have undoubtedly saved many lives, they are only effective if there is someone to hear them. Remote buildings on properties such as garages, barns, or storage sheds are left unprotected even if equipped with smoke detectors. Additionally, monitoring of these buildings for under- and over-temperature is important should heating systems fail in cold weather. Some people may install wireless intercoms to provide local voice communication, but their sole purpose is for communication with no means for detecting hazardous situations. Inventor Yoder has created a way to combine the features of both a smoke alarm and a wireless intercom system.

This clever new invention can support up to eight stations, all of which utilize a standard push-to-talk intercom to provide audio communication. The invention is powered by 120 VAC. To increase safety, the invention includes ionization and photoelectric smoke detection. The use of the Wireless Alarm Intercom System not only provides for audio communication over large local distances, but also provides temperature monitoring and ensures safety.

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