Wire Puller

Our Wire Puller aids in the correct placement of reinforcing wire mesh during the installation of unfinished concrete floors.

  • Replaces Standard Hook Pole
  • Lifts Reinforcing Mesh
  • Rides on Two Large Pneumatic Tires
  • Similar to Hand Truck
  • Helps Reduce Repetitive Stress Injuries


Design Patent #D749,814

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Charles Hurren of Caseville, MIhas designed a tool that aids in the correct placement of wire meshduring the installation of concrete floors. 

The use ofreinforced concrete has revolutionized the construction industry by providingsuperior structural and load bearing characteristics while minimizing materialcosts.  When concrete is used to producefloors, reinforcing wire mesh is utilized to increase the strength, resiliencyand integrity of the concrete.  However,for the reinforcing mesh to perform properly it must be located in the upperone third of the concrete floor structure. This is most typically performed by a worker grabbing the mesh with ahooked pole and lifting it upwards. Obviously, such a task quickly becomes tiring and can result in a widerange of ergonomic injuries, ranging from simple blisters to sore arm musclesand injured backs.  Inventor Hurren has created a means by which wire meshreinforcement can be properly placed in concrete flooring. 

This clever new invention replaces a standard hook ona pole to lift reinforcing mesh.  Itrides on two large pneumatic tires, similar to a hand truck, which make it easyto use.  The invention helps reduce thechances of both big and small injuries. The use of the WirePuller allows for the proper placement of reinforcingwire mesh in concrete floors in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.
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