Windshield Wiper Mitten

The invention is a multi-layered cover for wiper blades to arm against exposure to severe cold temperatures and winter weather conditions.

  • Protects Blades When Not in Use
  • Extends Life of the Wiper Blade
  • Interior Insulated Material
  • Exterior Waterproof Material
  • Perfect for Any Vehicle, Boat, Airplane


Design Patent # D586,716S

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Saeed Radfar of Ashburn, VA has designed a windshield wiper blade cover to keep wiper blades in excellent condition.

Maintaining a clean windshield is of the utmost importance when considering ones safety while driving. During times of snow or rain, windshield wipers are necessary in order for the driver to be able to safely see the road. However, windshield wiper blades can quickly become worn or damaged from being exposed to the elements, which essentially renders them useless. Snow and ice can quickly build up on a windshield and windshield wipers while a vehicle is not in use, which must eventually be removed by the driver. Such a task takes a great deal of time, and is not a pleasant task in freezing temperatures. Inventor Radfar has created a simple way to eliminate snow and ice buildup on windshield wipers, which also helps to prevent premature damage to the wiper blades.

This clever new invention simply slips over the wiper blade to fully protect it while not in use. The invention is constructed of a waterproof exterior material with an insulating fabric on the inside, in addition to having a drawstring to fully secure the invention shut. It is perfect for use on any automobile, boat, or even on an airplane. The use of the Windshield Wiper Mitten ensures that a vehicles wiper blades will be well-protected in order to lengthen their useful lifespan.

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