Windshield Wiper Blade With Integral Brush

The invention is a triple-edged windshield wiper blade with the middle blade comprised of a mesh based, nylon scrubbing material or a short bristle brush.

  • Center Blade Loosens Debris
  • Outer Blade Sweeps Away Debris
  • Attaches Easily To Wipers Arms
  • Enhances Driver Safety
  • For Use On Most Vehicles


Patent #8,234,747

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Harold D. Fergusonof Havre,MT hasdeveloped a means by which vehicle windshields can be kept cleanwithout having to manually wash them.

Maintaininga clean automobile windshield is a necessary step in order to ensuresafe driving. While common windshield wipers do a good job with rainand snow, other substances, such as splattered bugs, bird droppings,ice, frost, and tree sap, generally require manual scrubbing in orderto sufficiently clean off the windshield. Sometimes drivers may evenhave to make frequent stops at gas stations at dusk during the summermonths when bugs are plentiful. Inventor Fergusonhas created a way to eliminate the need for scrubbing and frequentstops in an effort to rid the windshield of debris.

Thisclever new invention consists of three blades: a center bristlebrush blade that scrubs and loosens debris and two outer rubberblades that sweep away the debris. By eliminating unwantedsubstances from the windshield, driver safety is quickly improved. The invention attaches easily to standard wiper arms and can be usedon most vehicles. The use of the WindshieldWiper Blade With Integral Brushallows drivers to be assured of a clean windshield at all timeswithout having to stop to manually scrub the windshield.

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