Window Well Projection System

This invention is a periscope-type device for basement window wells that provides a view of the surrounding outdoor landscape

  • Routes Sunlight to the Basement
  • Enjoy From Multiple Viewing Angles
  • View Nature From Your Basement
  • Makes Room Feels More Spacious
  • Watertight Construction


Utility Patent #8,690,359

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Wesley Clock of Tooele, UT has developed a means by which one can brighten up and enhance their basement area environment.

Most everyone enjoys the feeling of openness, spaciousness, and the general good feeling of being connected to the world around you, all of which can be provided by windows. Although basement rooms are often provided with windows, the windows are typically provided with a window well that provides room occupants only a small amount of light and a view of the inside of the window well. Such small windows not only provide a closed-in feeling, but also make it difficult to grow plants in a basement and force one to use energy-consuming manmade lighting. Inventor Clock has created a way to provide for both more natural light and a better view of the outside.

This clever new invention uses a periscope-style design to route sunlight to the basement with the help of angled mirrors. It is constructed to be watertight to ensure no rain will enter the basement. The invention allows users to view nature from their basement and to enjoy from multiple viewing angles, making the room feel more spacious and open. The use of the Window Well Projection System provides an easy and efficient way for basement occupants to enjoy outside landscape views and an abundance of natural light.

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