Wheeled Shovel

This invention is a large dualwheeled shovel used to dig, move and transfer bulk materials.

  • Shovel, Dustpan & Wheelbarrow All In One
  • Workload on the Wheels
  • U- Shaped Handle
  • Three Sided Tray Assembly
  • Reduces Back Strain


Design Patent #D635,834

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Duane S. Clink of Rio Rancho,NM has designed and patented a large dualwheeled shovel used to dig and transfer bulk materials.

Having the right tool for any jobcan save time and money all while producing a higher quality job.  The shovel is a common tool that is not only usedfor digging, but also for carrying bulk materials.  In transferring material the user has to notonly carry the weight of the shovel, but the weight of the materials as well.  Even those in good physical shape find thatcarrying so much weight throughout the workday to be a tiring experience.  Those with diminished strength or those whoare disabled find such tasks all but impossible.  Inventor Clink has createda means by which bulk materials can be easily carried without thedisadvantages of a traditional shovel.

This clever new invention is a shovel, dustpan andwheelbarrow all in one.  The shovelportion of the invention is a three sided tray assembly, which can be used forboth digging and transporting materials. The U-shaped handle makes theinvention easy to maneuver, and with the weight of the workload on the wheelsback pain can be reduced.  The use of theWheeled Shovel allowsusers of all levels of physical strength to easily and quickly move bulkmaterial in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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