Wheeled Laundry Basket

This invention is a laundry basket with enhanced features making it easier to transport large heavy loads.

  • 4 Rotating Casters Swivel 360
  • Pull Handle for Maneuverability
  • Carries All Laundry Tools
  • Rolls Over Most Surfaces
  • Eliminates Carrying Heavy Baskets/Injury

Story Behind the Invention

Doing laundry is time consuming and repetitive. For those that must transport dirty laundry to another area of their home, or to a laundromat, heavy baskets must be carried back and forth. Additional items such as soap powder, fabric softener, hangers, and even reading material must also be carried. The user must carry the heavy basket without a clear view of the floor in front of them, which could mean a nasty fall. Even the youngest and fittest of us have difficulty with such a task. Those of us who are older or perhaps even disabled find such a task impossible. Inventor Alexander has created a means by which laundry and associated items can be easily transported without the hassles.

This clever new invention features four retracting wheels and a pull handle. It is big enough to carry laundry and associated tools. The invention eliminates the user having to carry a heavy basket, which decreases the chance of injury. Additionally, the invention can be used to transport and store toys and tools. The use of the Wheeled Laundry Basket provides multiple features to aid in the task of moving heavy laundry items in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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