Wheel Rim Guard

The invention keeps the rim area of wheel clean while spraying tire cleaner or tire protector.

  • Covers Wheel Entirely  
  • Eliminates Cleaning Wheel Twice
  • Prevents Damaging Chemicals & Buildup on Rims
  • Easily Rinsed When Finished with Use
  • Compatible with All Sizes & Types of Rims


Patent #D659,629

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Douglas Williams and Christine Williams of Effingham, SC have created the Wheel Rim Guard which keeps the rim area of a wheel clean while spraying tire cleaner or tire protector.

For many Americans, their car is a source of personal pride and keeping it looking good is not just a chore, it is an obsession. There are literally thousands of products and tools whose aim is to make this task easier. A very common car care product is that of chemical-based tire cleaners and tire protectants. Whether foam or spray type, these cleaners work to get rid of road dirt and grime and offer that finishing touch shine. However these sprays are also prone to over spraying and contacting the rim area. This overspray takes additional time to remove and also may cause damage to the finished surface area of the rim itself. Inventors Williams have created a means by which the rim area can stay clean despite overspray from tire cleaning products.

This clever new invention covers the wheel entirely. It eliminates having to clean the wheel twice. It prevents damaging chemicals and buildup on rims. It easily rinses when finished with use and is compatible with all sizes and types of rims. The use of the Wheel Rim Guard provides a means of cleaning only the rubber tire area of the motor vehicle wheel while keeping the rim area clean in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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