What’s In The Bag?

Whats in The Bag are delicate, lacy, color coordinated pouches to store your intimate apparel or other items.

  • Keeps Panty and Bra Sets Together
  • Choose What You Want, Grab and Go
  • Great for Travel
  • Various Colors, Sizes, Styles Available
  • Also Useful for Toddler Clothes, Yoga/Exercise Outfits for the Gym, Baby Showers, and More


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Cheryl Witmer of Manchester, PA has created the Whats in the Bag copyright. It can be printed on delicate, lacy, color coordinated pouches to store intimate apparel or other items.

These bags will keep panty and bra sets together. No longer will your lingerie drawer be a disaster! The larger pouches are great for padded bras. The longer pouches feature see through lace and are ideal for storing panties. Various colors, sizes, and styles are available. Its so easy to choose what you want, grab and go!

These bags are a travel must-have for your lingerie! Or use them for toddler clothes - or even yoga or exercise outfits for the gym! Inventor Witmer recently used them at a baby shower and they were a big hit there, too!

Whats in the Bag is beautiful as well as practical! For purchasing, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, licensing opportunities or copyright permissions, act now!

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