WestKat AquaCycle

The WestKat AquaCycle is a new and unique water recreational product!

  • Great exercise that is actually fun!
  • Can be used by all ages, alone or in groups
  • Very Affordable
  • Light and easy to transport


Utility Patent #9,821,898

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Weston Whatcott of Payson, Utah has created a new and unique water recreational product!

Water skis and jet skis are great water-based activities. They provide countless hours of entertainment and become even more fun as the user becomes more skilled in the use of them. However, the cost to buy, operate and maintain these products can be high. Other water sports such as surfboards and boogie boards can only be used on water where there is suitable wave action happening and not everyone has access to this type of surf. Because of these various drawbacks, manufacturers are always on the lookout for water-based recreational products that address these deficiencies. In turn, Inventor Weston Whatcott has developed the WestKat AquaCycle.

This clever new invention provides a unique twist on water recreation with all of the fun of a unicycle in a manner that is simple, inexpensive, and very easy to use. Swimmers will appreciate the boost to speed and distance and the versatility provided over conventional swimming assist devices.

Diving can be achieved by simply tilting the WestKat AquaCycle downward while pedaling forward or by pedaling backwards while in a vertical position. Scuba divers and military personnel will find their capabilities greatly increased and the need for bulky and expensive mechanized devices greatly reduced.

This is not just an exciting and enjoyable new invention. This is the advent of an entirely new sport, AquaCycling. With most sports, competitions soon follow. Will competitions develop with the rise in popularity in the use of the WestKat AquaCycle as it did with snowboards and skateboards? Will we soon witness AquaCycle competitions in the Summer Olympics? Will we begin to hear about a growing number of people using the WestKat AquaCycle to cross the English Channel, with each new crossing setting a new speed record? Inventor Weston Whatcott is convinced. Are you?

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