Weighted Exercise Gloves

Inventor Valles patent pending invention called Weighted Exercise Gloves is a pair of athletic gloves with an integral weight system.

  • Builds Hand, Arm & Upper Body Strength
  • Use while Exercising or Playing Sports
  • Hook and LoopWrist Strap
  • Integral Knuckle Padding
  • Ventilation System
  • Available in Different Weights

Story Behind the Invention

One of thecommon sights during a baseball game is that of the oncoming batter swinging abat around with donut-shaped weights on it. This practice not only helps condition and loosens muscles beforebatting; it also gives the illusion of a lighter bat when the weights areremoved.  Thus when the batter does bat,hopefully they will be able to swing the bat more quickly and precisely due toits perceived weight decrease.  Thistechnique is useful for any physical conditioning activity, but requires theuser to physically hold the weight in their hands.  This obviously does not allow the use of thehands for other activities and therefore does not find widespread use due tothe amount of dedicated time it requires. Accordingly, there exists a need for a means by which hands, arms andupper body areas can be strengthened and toned by the strategic placement ofweights that is hands-free.  Thedevelopment of the Weighted Exercise Gloves fulfills this need.  

Inventor Antonio Valle of Houston, Texas has developed a pairof athletic gloves with an integral weight system, allowing them to be usedwhile engaging in numerous activities. 

Able to be used while exercising or playing sports,this clever innovation fastens into place by means of a hook and loop wriststrap.  The gloves also feature integralknuckle padding and a ventilation system to enhance user comfort.  The gloves are also available in differentweights, allowing for use by almost anyone. The use of the Weighted Exercise Gloves is aneffective way to build hand, arm and upper body strength in a manner that isconvenient and easy to use.
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