Weight Scale with Remote Readout

  • Ideal for Refrigerators
  • ConvenientRug-like Design Compliments Any Kitchen Decor
  • Deters Over Snacking
  • Adjustable Readout Display
  • Provides Convenience & Discretion


Utility Patent #8,698,014

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor David M. Walstad of Clearlake Oaks, CA has developed a device to make weight measurements easier in order to encourage weight loss.

Society today is becoming more and more aware of obesity issues and different methods of losing the extra weight. In order to keep track of ones progress and know that their diet is working, diligence in weight measurement is especially necessary. A household scale is usually the preferred method, but can sometimes provide inaccurate readings and can be difficult to read for some, particularly for those who do not have their glasses handy. Additionally, scales are often kept hidden away, making them inconvenient to use frequently. Inventor Walstad has created a new style of weighing scale that is easy to both read and use to promote regular use.

This clever new invention is ideal for use in the kitchen with its slim profile mat design which compliments any kitchen decor. The adjustable digital readout display can be magnetically attached to the refrigerator to deter the user from over-snacking. The inventions discreet design allows it to be conveniently placed in any location without being an eyesore like conventional weighing scales. The use of the Weight Scale with Remote Readout provides a convenient means for the health-conscious to quickly measure their weight with an easy to read display.

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