Weed Trimmer With Electric Starter

The invention is a gasoline-powered weed trimmer with anelectric starter.

  • Electric Start
  • Faster Starting
  • Rotary Switch- No Keys to Go Missing
  • Features Off/On/Start Positions
  • Lighter Weight Decreases Fatigue

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Michelle Elicia Vega of Raleigh, NC has developed a helpful device that allows for easier starting of gasoline-powered weed trimmers.

Many Americans spend countless hours maintaining and beautifying their lawns and landscapes. A popularly used machine is the string-type grass trimmer, which is used to trim grass and weeds near fences, buildings, sidewalks, and similar areas. While this tool certainly gets the job done, it is often difficult to start, due to the fact that most are powered by a two cylinder engine that is started by a pull-cord starter. Using a pull-cord is hard enough for most users, but especially for those who may be elderly, disabled, suffering from diminished strength, or are simply small in stature. Inventor Vega has created a much less strenuous method which requires no pull-cord for starting weed trimmers.

This clever new invention has an electric starter to allow for faster and easier starting of gasoline-powered weed trimmers and eliminating the need to pull a cord. It features OFF, ON, and START positions for convenient control of the starter. If desired, the user could also use the pull start as an option. Since the invention uses a rotary switch, there are no loose keys to go missing. Also, the lighter weight of the invention helps to significantly decrease fatigue. The use of the Weed Trimmer With Electric Starter provides weed trimmer users a quick and easy method of starting gasoline-powered weed trimmers.

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