Weed and Sweep

The Weed and Sweep removes grass and weeds from cracks in paved surfaces.

  • Hook Fits into Even the Slimmest of Cracks
  • Easily Sweeps Debris Away
  • Trench Out Dirt in Your Garden for Low-Voltage Wiring
  • Hook Can Drag Flats of Flowers around Your Yard
  • Hook is Convenient Addition to your Garage for Retrieving Hard-to-Reach Items
  • Ideal for Those with Arthritis, Sore Knees, Bad Backs


Utility Patent #9,485,896

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Timothy J. Gaffney of Mount Holly, NJ has created a specialized tool to easily remove grass and weeds from cracks in paved surfaces.

Inventor Gaffney had just finished remodeling his office but still had to weed the driveway before calling it a day. His knees were hurting him from all the kneeling hed just done and he didnt want to crawl around the concrete to weed. This is when the idea for Weed and Sweep was born.

He created a tool that can be used from a standing position to remove grass and weeds from in between concrete, asphalt, pavers, bricks, and more. No herbicides required. No more crawling around.

This clever new invention features a hook that fits into even the slimmest of cracks. It easily sweeps debris away. It can be used to trench out dirt in your garden for low-voltage wiring. You can use it as a hook to drag flats of flowers around your yard, so you are not walking blindly with two hands holding onto a flat of flowers. The hook is a convenient addition to your garage for retrieving hard-to-reach items. The tool can be used while kneeling, but the fact that it can be used while standing makes it ideal for those with arthritis, sore knees, or bad backs.

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