Wave Rider

This invention is a boogie board with a modified bottomfor numerous performance enhancements.

  • Bottom Flaps Improve Wave Handling 
  • Increases Rate of Speed
  • Allows Rider to Go Farther Distances
  • Easier To Catch Waves
  • Optional Nylon Strap for Improved Stability & Safety


Utility Patent 8,435,092

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Ronald Glenn Smith of Dallas, GA has designed a modified boogie board that allows fornumerous performance enhancements.

Very few leisuretime activities rival that of spending a warm summer day at the beach.  There are a countless number of activitiesone can partake in at the beach.  One ofwhich includes boogie boarding, where one lays stomach down on a small thinboard and rides a wave into shore.  Theseboards can also be used for skimming along the inch-deep water along theshoreline, where one can run with the board and jump upon it to ride into thesurf at the last minute.  Thesevariations are made possible by the entrepreneurial spirit of various surferslooking to capitalize upon specific water conditions at various beaches.  In order to keep up with these trends Inventor Smith created a new and innovative product thatis sure to add fun and excitement to any beach experience.

This clever new invention futuresbottom flaps that help to improve wave handling, and an optional nylon strapfor stability and safety.  This new boardallows for increased speed, and makes it easier to catch waves.  The use of the WaveRider provides boogie board users the ability to movefaster in the water and with more control, thus increasing fun for all. 

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