Waterproof Case for Insulin Pump

The Waterproof Case For Insulin Pump helps assist those who have to use insulin pumps while they are out.

  • Keeps the Pump Clean and Safe
  • Flexible
  • Has Extra Compartments
  • Targeted Towards Insulin Users
  • Perfect for Boating or Watersports


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Michael William Lemanski, Sr. of Lakeland, FL has created a waterproof case for insulin pumps to assist those who have to use insulin pumps while they are out.

Insulin is a life-saving medication that is used by diabetics all around the world. Today, the use of insulin pumps is common. One requirement for insulin pumps is that the devices remain safe and dry. While this requirement is not typically burdensome for homebound users, some users find it inconvenient and extremely difficult to keep insulin pumps dry while out and about. Inventor Lemanski has created a means by which insulin pumps can stay dry while a user goes about their everyday life.

This clever new invention keeps pumps clean and safe. The case is flexible. It has extra compartments. It is targeted toward insulin users. It is perfect for boating or water sports. The use of the Waterproof Case for Insulin Pump protects insulin pumps from water damage in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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