Water Drop Game Apparatus

Our Water Drop Game Apparatus is a novelty target game in which water, snow, or other material is dumped upon an opposing player when a target is hit with a ball or beanbag. During play, one player will stand underneath the bucket while the other one takes three turns trying to hit the target from a suitable distance away.

  • Adjustable Support Stand
  • Fun for Children & Adults
  • Interchangeable Rules Fitting All Skill Levels
  • Used Indoors or Out
  • Great for All Seasons & Environments


Utility Patent 8,336,884

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Franklin Kie Pierce of Ormond Beach, FL has designed a novelty game in which water, snow, or another material is dumped upon an opposing player when a target is hit with a ball or beanbag.

The toy industry is a multibillion dollar, global industry that is continually growing as more and more products are developed and introduced to the buying public. The industry is somewhat unique in the sense that it is highly susceptible to trendy products or fads, most likely due to the fact that when a product achieves a certain level of popularity, demand can skyrocket having a domino effect. This is not necessarily to say that these products require revolutionary or innovative designs. On the contrary, items such as Cabbage Patch and Tickle Me Elmo are otherwise conventional toys that have achieved enormous popularity. These same pressures apply to all areas of the entertainment industry including that of party games. Inventor Pierce has developed a party style game that is sure to get a lot of attention in the toy and game industry.

This clever new invention is a fun game for both children and adults. The adjustable support stand and the interchangeable rules make it easier for children and harder for adults. It can be used indoors or out, and is great for use in any season. The use of the Water Drop Game Apparatus provides endless hours of fun for all ages in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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