Watercraft Mooring Device

The invention is a device that secures a boat toa tree stump without having to use a conventional anchor.

  • Forms Conical Net Structure 
  • Fits MostStumps 
  • Easy ToApply 
  • NylonCord Replaces Chain 
  • Lightweight & Sturdy

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Alford R. Johnson of Carthage, TX has developeda device that secures a boat to a tree stump without having to use aconventional anchor.

Anchorsare used from the smallest rowboat to the largest aircraft carrier to help holdthe vessels in place while at a particular location.  Although not a problem on larger vessels, theextra weight can be a burden for smaller boats.   Inventor Johnson has developed a newlightweight anchoring system ideal for use on smaller vessels. 

This clever newinvention has a practical design and features lightweight materials.  It consists of a hoop with a net, which formsa conical net structure.  This is usedfor slipping over tree stumps that protrude from the water.  It is constructed of PVC and nylon; with a nyloncord used in place of the much heavier chain, as used on conventionalanchors.  The Watercraft Mooring Device islightweight and easy to apply, and is sturdy enough for use with any smallvessel. 

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