Water Disc Toy

The invention is a toy that can be used in or around water.

  • Floating Frisbee-like Toy
  • Removable Discs to Insert Indicia
  • Ideal for Pools, Lakes & Other Bodies of Water
  • Multiple Colors & Styles Available
  • Fun for All Ages


Utility Patent #9,039,479

Story Behind the Invention

About 5 years ago a buddy and I were swimming when I grabbed a small paddle from a toy that was laying around the pool. I grabbed it to see if I could swim any faster by using it, but it broke. The handle snapped right off after the first couple strokes. Now you might be thinking, funs over right? Nope! I threw it towards him and to my surprise it skipped across the water better than any of the best rocks skipped across the pond (I live in Oklahoma).

Its like a rock that skips across the water but its 100 times better and it floats! Thats what I tell my friends and they agree.

After many years we have been granted a Utility Patent # 9,039,479 B1 and would like to find the perfect company to work with to get this into the hands of every person that loves having hours of fun in the pool, lake and other bodies of water. We call it The Wizbee (Water Frisbee).

It is a water disc toy that skips effortlessly across the water between users, similar to how a frisbee flys through the air, but the Wizbees accuracy is easier to control.

Additional Information

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