Wall-Mounted Tool Organizer

The Wall-Mounted Tool Organizer keeps hand tools at easy and fast reach.

  • Designated Spot for Tools
  • Easily Mounts on Walls, Doors, or Pantries
  • Never Lose Another Tool
  • Great Way to Stay Organized
  • Holds a Wide Variety of Tools


Utility Patent #9,358,680

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Howard T. Krueger of Chesterfield, MO has created a tool organizer that keeps tools at easy and fast reach.

Nothing beats having the proper tool for a job. However, keeping hand tools organized is an issue for many people. It is important to store tools near a work surface, preferably out of the way. Nevertheless, tools can end up all over the house. This results in wasted time spent looking for them and you never know if the tools are missing or broken. Inventor Krueger has created a means by which tools can be easily stored and organized in a convenient manner.

This clever new invention provides a designated spot for tools. It easily mounts on walls, doors, or pantries. Never lose another tool! The invention provides a great way to stay organized and holds a wide variety of hand tools. The Wall-Mounted Tool Organizer will not interfere with the use of a closet or pantry and greatly comes in handy for all your tool storage and organizing needs.

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