Waist-Mounted Concealable Gun Holster

The Waist-Mounted Concealable Gun Holster is a concealed weapon holder with special features.

  • Increased Protection and Concealment of Gun Inside Waistband
  • Covers and Protects Trigger Guard Area of Handgun While Being Carried
  • Wide Elastic Belt Helps Hold Handgun Tight Against User's Body
  • Each Leather Holster is Firearm Specific for a Perfect Fit
  • Ammunition Pouch Provides Quick Access for Reloading


Patent #D816,326

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Westley Dana Brenton of Montgomery, TX has created a waist-mounted concealed weapon holder with special features.

Many handgun owners carry their gun in or on the waistband of their clothing. This provides handy access to the handgun. In order to ensure safety, it is necessary to carry handguns in a holster system. However, when conventional holsters are worn on pants, they tend to twist and turn, especially on loose material, even more so with heavy firearms. This causes printing which is when the silhouette of the firearm can be seen through ones clothing. Additionally, holsters typically have no method of carrying additional ammunition, forcing the user to carry these items in pockets, or other locations which are sometimes difficult to access. Inventor Brenton has created a means by which handguns can be carried about one's waist area, inside the waistband of pants in a more practical manner.

This clever new invention provides for increased protection and concealment of a gun. The device covers and protects the trigger guard area of a handgun while its being carried. The wide belt helps hold a handgun tight against a users body. Each leather holster is firearm specific for a perfect fit. The ammunition pouch provides quick access for reloading. The use of the Waist-Mounted Concealable Gun Holster provides for safe, concealed carrying of handguns and additional ammunition, without the bulkiness and increased visibility of conventional holster systems.

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