Bottle with Volumetric Displacement Means

The invention is a baby bottle that utilizes disposable liners with an integral mechanism to reduce waste and the presence of air inside of the liner.

  • Locks in Place to Keep Air Out
  • Reduces Colic by Eliminating Babies Tendency to Ingest Air 
  • Similar to Breastfeeding with a Natural Feel Nipple
  • Reduces Need to Burp Infant
  • Movable Bottom Compresses Liner & Removes Air
  • Prevents Air Pockets from Re-Forming


Utility Patent #9,114,062

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jessica A. McGee of El Paso, TX has designed a baby bottle which utilizes disposable liners with an integral mechanism to reduce the presence of air.

As any parent will attest, a single baby goes through lots bottles during its infancy and early childhood. As a result of the seemingly never-ending need to clean the number of bottles required to satisfy a babys appetite, many parents turn to disposable bottles wherein a plastic bag-like liner is inserted into a hollow cylindrical plastic sleeve and attached to the nipple. Once the child is done with the contents of the bottle, the parent simply discards the liner, eliminating the need to clean the bottle. However, these disposable liners do suffer from an inherent flaw in that air pockets tend occur more frequently. As a result, the baby tends to ingest the air from the bottle. Inventor McGee has created a means by which the air pockets in disposable baby bottle liners can be eliminated.

This clever new invention will reduce colic since the baby is ingesting less air, thus allowing the parent to burp the baby less. It features a natural nipple, which feels closer to breastfeeding than other bottle nipples. The bottom of the invention moves to compress the liner and remove air. The use of the Bottle with Volumetric Displacement Means provides for the use of disposable liner baby bottles without the worry of possible ingested air which makes for a happier and healthier baby.

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