Video Camera with Wireless Monitor

The Video Camera with Wireless Monitor is a wireless portable video monitoring system.

  • For Watching Children or Visually Verifying an Are
  • Can Be Set Up and Operated in Seconds
  • Attaches to Rear of Vehicle Headrest for Viewing Entire Back Seat
  • Reduces Driver Distraction
  • Recharges by Wall Adapter or Cigarette Lighter Cable


Patent #10,279,743

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors C. Ray Williams and Grace L. Webber of Galion, OH have created a wireless portable video monitoring system.

Child safety is a huge concern for today’s parents. The best safety practice is to always be mindful of what a child is doing. While in the car, this is a somewhat difficult task when one considers the placement of the driver, and the placement of the child in the rear of the vehicle. While mirrors provide some rearward vision, the observation area is somewhat limited, and may even be more distracting than no mirror at all. These same problems exist in other locations where it is necessary to view a child to confirm their safety such as in a crib, playpen, or in a bedroom. Inventors Williams and Webber have created a means by which visual observation of an area can be provided to ensure a child’s safety.

This clever new invention is for watching children or visually verifying an area. It can be set up and operated in seconds. It can attach to the rear of a vehicle headrest for viewing the entire back seat area. It reduces driver distraction. It recharges by use of wall adapter or cigarette lighter cable.  The use of the Video Camera with Wireless Monitor allows for easy visual monitoring of almost any location, in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.  

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