Vent Cover with Filter

The Vent Cover with Filter is a filter system for HVAC return air ductwork vents.

  • Helps Keep Air Clean
  • Provides for Better Overall Health
  • Fits over Standard Sized Return Air Openings
  • No Tools Required
  • Filter Can Be Easily Cleaned or Replaced When Dirty


Design Patent #D796,661

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Michael Edward Oswald, Jr. of Muskegon, MI has created a filter system for HVAC return air ductwork vents.

Healthcare experts are constantly advising us of new studies that indicate the extent to which the air we breathe can contribute to both long and short term health problems. The health problems associated with environmental exposure to harmful air are very real. Additionally, this same dust and dirt can clog up and contaminate the interior ductwork of one's HVAC system as well, thus leading to reduced HVAC system operating performance. Inventor Oswald has created a means by which conditioned air can be filtered and cleaned to alleviate these concerns.

This clever new invention helps to keep air clean. It provides for better overall health. It fits over standard sized return air openings. No tools are required. The filter can be easily cleaned or replaced when dirty. The use of the Vent Cover with Filter provides a means of effectively controlling and eliminating dust and dirt in a home or building with a central HVAC system in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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