Vehicle Undercarriage Deployable Spike Strip System

The invention is a system and method by which law enforcement vehicles can deploy a vehicle restraint system from the rear of their car in order to disable a trailing vehicle.

  • For Use In All Pursuit Applications
  • Deployed From Rear Of Police Vehicle
  • Safer For Officers And Bystanders
  • Alignment Arms For Proper Positioning
  • Will Fit Any Vehicle


Utility Patent # 8,132,980

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Justin D. Lee of Wellman, IA has developed a safer and more efficient means by which law enforcement officers can stop high speed chases.

High speed car chases today are extremely dangerous for all involved, as well as for innocent bystanders. The current method of setting a spike strip laden trap for the intended vehicle can be effective, should the vehicle come in contact with the spike strip. However, such contact is typically unlikely, as the fleeing vehicle will have ample warning to avoid them. Additionally, such spike strips are dangerous for the officers who are deploying them, other law enforcement vehicles, and the vehicles of innocent citizens. Inventor Lee has created a method to prevent such dangerous occurrences, while improving the likelihood of fleeing vehicles being caught.

This clever new invention is intended for use in all pursuit applications in order to make high speed chases safer for both officers and bystanders. When in use, the invention is deployed from the rear of the police vehicle and has alignment arms for proper positioning after deployment. Conveniently, the invention will fit any vehicle to ensure widespread use. The use of the Vehicle Undercarriage Deployable Spike Strip System provides a quick and effective means for increased safety of law enforcement personnel involved in high speed chases.

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