Vehicle Wheel Security System

The invention is a specialized locking security system for wheel rims and tires used on motor vehicles.

  • Prevents Rims & Tires from Being Removed
  • Completely Covers All Lug Nuts
  • Virtually Impossible to Remove Without the Matching Key
  • Does Not Hinder Operation of Wheels 
  • Made of Heavy Duty Materials


Utility Patent #8,943,865

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Shawn E. Bullock and Stephanie M. Cevallos of Houston, TX have developed a specialized locking security system for use on motor vehicle tires and wheel rims.

Custom automobile wheels are becoming an increasingly popular addition to the cars of millions of Americans. There is a constantly growing variety of custom wheels of various sizes and styles, ranging from off-road to high performance. Of course, their value makes them a prime target for thieves. Car owners typically prevent theft with the use of specialty lug nuts that require special adapters to remove or replace them. Unfortunately, this forces the user to always carry multiple adapters with them in case a tire needs to be changed or serviced. Inventors Bullock and Cevallos have created a wheel cover that provides the same security benefits of specialty lug nuts, but without requiring multiple adapters for removal. Instead, only one specialized key is necessary to disable the invention.

This clever new invention completely covers all lug nuts to guard rims and tires from theft. It is virtually impossible to remove without the matching key, yet does not hinder operation of the wheels. Also, the invention is made of heavy duty, high strength steel to further guarantee protection. The use of the Vehicle Wheel Security System allows vehicle owners to secure their valuable wheels and rims in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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