Vehicle Traction Mat

The Vehicle Traction Mat has a spikedbottom surface, a non-slip top surface, and reflective striping to aid motorvehicles in becoming unstuck from snow, ice or mud.

  • One size fits all
  • Reflective strips for easy visibility in badweather or at night
  • Waterproof carry case
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Low cost, reliable and can be done if stranded alone


Design Patent D679,649

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Shannon C. Merrill of Hamilton, OHhas designed an apparatus to aid motor vehicles in becoming unstuck fromsnow, ice or mud. 

Those of us wholive in areas where the winter climate brings snow, sleet and ice know all toowell of the hazards associated with driving an automobile under theseconditions.  Inclement weather can causeroads and highways to become extremely slippery in literally a matter ofminutes and without warning.  Whileplowing the snow from road surfaces and applying salt or sand helps to makethem safer, in most cases it is impossible to keep up with the weather and theroads are left in an unsafe condition. Additionally, many people become stuck in snow drifts and on icy streets.  Finally, these same problems occur on ruttedroads or in extremely muddy conditions.  Inventor Merrill has created a means by which stuckvehicles can be easily rescued and moved on icy, snowy or muddy road surfaces. 

This clever new invention features reflective stripsfor easy visibility in bad weather and at night.  It also has a waterproof carrying case, andis easy to clean and store. Not only does the invention provide for a low costsolution, but can also be used by one individual without additional help.  The use of the VehicleTraction Mat allows for saferdriving in wintertime conditions in a manner which is quick, easy andeffective.
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