Vehicle Rim Reconditioning Apparatus

The Vehicle Rim Reconditioning Apparatus aids in the restoration and polishing of truck tire rims.

  • For Use on Aluminum Truck Tire Rims
  • Does Not Require Expensive Restoration Devices or Messy Hand Polishing
  • Shows Class, Pride, Professionalism
  • For Use at Every Tire Change Interval
  • Allows For Easy Detection of Cracks

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Carlton W. Hughes, a truck driver from Calgary, AB has created an apparatus to aid in the restoration and polishing of truck tire rims.

The majority of tractor-trailer trucks utilize aluminum rims on all of the vehicle tires. These rims come from the factory with a mirror finish when they are new. Over time they become oxidized, pitted, and scratched until they are a dull gray in color. Rims in this condition can hide defects such as cracks. Additionally, such damaged rims reflect badly on the truck owner, trucking company, or even the company whose goods are being carried on the truck. Bad looking rims will negatively affect the resale value of a vehicle. While polishing machines do exist, they are costly to use and operate. Hand polishing rims is messy and highly labor intensive which also leads to high costs. Inventor Hughes has created a means by which truck tire rims can be reconditioned and polished without the disadvantages of present methods.

This clever new invention is for use on aluminum truck tire rims. It does not require expensive restoration devices or messy hand polishing. It shows class, pride, and professionalism. The device is for use at every tire change interval. It also allows for easy detection of cracks, which improves safety. The use of the Vehicle Rim Reconditioning Apparatus provides for the restoration and polishing of aluminum truck tire rims to a highly polished state in a quick manner, without hand work or the use of a costly specialized refinishing machine.

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