Vehicle Locating Device

The Vehicle Locating Device is a handy reminder device used to help locate where a vehicle is parked.

  • Key Chain Transceiver Sends Signal When Button is Pressed
  • Vehicle Transceiver Sends Out Signal on Different Frequency
  • Shows Results on Compass Style Display
  • Ideal for Use in Large Parking Garages
  • Will Locate Any Device

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Lynn Pate and Oscar Pate of Michigan have created a handy reminder device used to help locate where a vehicle is parked.

Just about everyone has experienced that frustrating moment when heading to their parked car, only to forget where they parked it. This is not only a problem in large parking lots, but an even greater problem in parking garages where every level looks like the next. Valuable time is often lost wandering around looking for ones car, while anxiety can set in about the possibility of the car having been stolen. Inventors Pate have created a means by which the location of a parked vehicle can be easily found.

This clever new invention is a key chain transceiver that sends a signal when the button is pressed. The vehicle transceiver sends a signal on a different frequency in response. It shows the results on a compass-style display. It is ideal for use in large parking garages. It will locate any device. The use of the Vehicle Locating Device provides a handy reminder device to allow for quick location of a parked vehicle, in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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