Vehicle Console Covers

The invention isa fabric cover for the center console armrest found in many motorvehicles.

  • Completely Covers Armrest
  • Protects Center Console From Damage
  • Made Of Soft Fabric Or Similar Material
  • Wide Variety Of Colors & Styles
  • Easily Applied & Removed


Design Patent D679,647

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Stacey Lynette Tuten of Cross City,FL has developed an easy way to spruce upthe interior of a motor vehicle.

Numerous vehicle owners take greatpride in the appearance of their cars, going to great lengths to keep themlooking their best.  Not only do peoplefuss over the exterior appearance of their vehicle, but also the condition ofthe vehicle interior.  While seat coversand floor mats are available to protect surfaces from dirt and damage, one areawhich is left unprotected is that of the center console armrest.  Such armrests receive daily contact and caneasily become dirty or even permanently damaged.  Should damage occur, the only real option torepair it is factory OEM replacement which can be very expensive.  Inventor Tutenhas created an attractive means by which center console armrests can beprotected from damage while also hiding existing damage.

This clever new invention completelycovers the vehicle console armrest to help protect the console from damage.  The invention is also pleasant in appearance,with its soft fabric design and the wide variety of colors and stylesavailable.  Additionally, it is easilyapplied and removed from the console so that it can be easily washed.  The use of the VehicleConsole Covers allows for quick protection and customization ofa vehicle interior.

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