Utility Cart

The Utility Cart is a specialized push cart designed to store, transport, and dispense various commodities individually or in bulk.

  • Mobile Dispensing Station
  • Take Fewer Trips to Supply Closets
  • Locking Cabinets
  • Cart Stays in Place with Locking Wheels
  • Ideal for Use at Almost Any Business


Design Patent #D747,064, Utility Patent # 9,623,887

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Dustin S. Brassard and Amy Button of Woburn, MA have created a specialized push utility cart designed to store, transport, and dispense various commodities individually or in bulk.

The idea for the invention was inspired by the inventors need for a cart at work that offered storage and dispensers, while keeping workers organized and providing mobility. The inventors searched the market but came back empty-handed. The conventional push cart finds frequent use at businesses and work locations for transporting supplies and materials. However, this means transferring items to the cart from one storage location, and then from the cart to another storage location in a separate work action. Also, depending on the material or supplies on the cart, they may be valuable and subject to theft while left unsupervised on the unsecured cart. Additionally, many items such as disposable gloves and aprons may be dispensed directly from the cart, but the unsecured boxes make it difficult to dispense, particularly when using only one hand as the entire box lifts up when one item is removed. Inventors Brassard and Button have created a means for the type of utility cart they needed but were unable to find.

This clever new invention is a mobile dispensing station. Take fewer trips to the supply closet! The device has locking cabinets. The cart stays in place with locking wheels. It is ideal for use at almost any business. The use of the Utility Cart allows for the transportation, storage, and dispensing of supplies in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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