Urine Sample Cup Holder

This invention is a holding handle used in conjunction with urine collection cups.

  • More Sanitary Than Current Method
  • Eliminates Need To Hold Cup
  • Less Mess
  • Disposable
  • Easy And Comfortable To Hold


Design Patent #D654,598, #D706,947

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Darlene Lorraine Hooper of Chula Vista, CA has designed a handle that is to be used in conjunction with urine collection cups.

As a woman, with first hand experience, I know the act of producing a urine sample is never a pleasant experience. It is physically awkward to do and embarrassing for all involved. As women, we must be careful to not get any urine on ourselves or the cup. For this reason I have created a means by which women can give a urine sample in a manner that is neat, quick and convenient.

This clever new invention provides a more sanitary method to collecting a urine sample. It creates less of a mess, and eliminates the user having to actually hold the cup. Additionally, the invention is easy and comfortable to hold, the handle is straight while the holder portion of the handle is curved for ease of collection and can be disposed of after being used. The use of the Urine Sample Cup Holder allows women to collect urine for medical purposes in a manner that is quick, easy, and effective.

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