Universal Trailer Hitch

The invention saves you time and effort when changing your trailer hitch ball to different sizes. The round shaft design allows you to turn the multi-ball hitch while it is inside the receiver hitch.

  • 2-4 Hitch Balls
  • Round Hitch Bar Instead of Square
  • Rotates Within Receiver Hitch
  • Securely Fits in the Square Hole
  • Series of Holes to Secure in Position


Design Patent #D730,782

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors George B. C. Miller and Millie S. Miller of Berlin, MD has designed a multi-ball mount trailer hitch for receiver style hitches, which allows for ball changing without removing the hitch from the receiver.

As anyone who has ever towed a trailer can tell you, it is a trying and stressful experience. There are many factors to consider and remember even before the trailer begins to move. These include load distribution, proper hookup, weight capacities, hitch capacities, and electrical light hookups. Once the vehicle begins to move, the driver must deal with increased reaction times, lane clearances, high winds, and reduced gas mileage. As if these worries were not enough, those who tow different size trailers may have to deal with different hitch balls. The market has responded with trailer hitches that support multiple sized balls. However, the user must still completely remove the heavy hitch from the receiver, turn it in their hands and reinsert. Inventor Miller has created a means by which a multi-ball trailer hitch can be easily changed for size.

This clever new invention features a round hitch bar, 2 to 4 hitch balls and a series of holes to secure hitch ball position. Additionally, it allows the hitch to be rotated within the receiver hitch during changing the size of the ball. The use of the Universal Trailer Hitch allows for changing of trailer hitch ball sizes in a manner which is not only quick, easy, and effective, but safe as well.

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