Under-Bed Mounted Night Light

The invention isan accent lighting system which attaches and illuminates from underneath thebed.

  • Integral Light & Motion Sensor
  • Timer to Allow Multiple Settings
  • Light-Emitting LEDS
  • Available in Multiple Colors
  • Creates a Romantic Mood
  • Monster Deterrent for Kids


Utility Patent 8,434,896

Story Behind the Invention

InventorDavid Ryan Embry of Kennesaw, GAhas designed an accent lighting system that attaches to the underside of a bed.

Many people needto get up in the middle of the night for various reasons, but often do not turnon the light.  Feeling ones way trough adark room can lead to trips, falls, and even a stubbed toe.  Possible low light solutions such as nightlights or flashlights can serve as possible solutions, but these lightingsystems still have disadvantages such as increased complexity, dead batteries,or making it difficult to fall back asleep. Inventor Embry has created a meansby which a bedroom can be illuminated at night in a manner that is both simpleand pleasing.

Thisclever new invention is constructed of multiple LEDs, a motion sensor and atimer that allows for the lights to turn on and off automatically.  The lights would be made available inmultiple colors, which would fun for kids and adults alike.  The use of the Under-BedMounted Night Light provides for lighting of the floor area underand near the bed in a manner which is not only practical, but also soothing andcomforting.

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