Esotika di Huschka Eyewear

The invention is a pair of reading eye glasses with a specially shaped lens system.

  • Utilizes a U-Shaped Lens
  • Unique, Eye-Catching, Trendy Design
  • Provides Unobstructed View for Far Objects
  • Compatible with all Frame Styles
  • Promotes Better Vision

Story Behind the Invention

Esotika di Huschka Eyewear of Irvine, CA has developed a means by which one can more conveniently use reading glasses.

Many of those who are middle-aged tend to have deterioration in their ability to quickly adjust between seeing near and far objects. Should their long distance vision be perfect, most people afflicted with this condition, known as presbyopia, resort to the use of reading glasses. While typical reading glasses provide for good vision of close objects, they are not as convenient for seeing far away. The user must frequently remove the glasses and put them back on, or resort to wearing the glasses low on their nose and tilting their head forward to view over the top of them to see far objects. Inventor Huschka has created an alternative to wearing conventional reading glasses which will eliminate these disadvantages.

This clever new invention utilizes a U-shaped lens in order to provide an unobstructed view of far objects. The unique lens shape is compatible with all frame styles, allowing anyone to wear glasses with this eye-catching and trendy design. Also, its convenience will encourage people to use the invention, thus promoting better vision. The use of the U- Shaped Reading Glasses allows users of reading glasses the ability to easily and clearly see close objects without interfering with their view of far objects.

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