Two Piece Neck Support Pillow

  • Roll Provides Neck Support
  • Encourages Spinal Alignment
  • Improves Quality of Sleep
  • Great For Reducing Spine Pressure
  • Pillow Attached for Added Comfort

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Lynette & Jack Murray of Pataskala, OH have designed a specialized pillow that supports, holds, and comforts one's head and neck during sleep.

Many people enjoy laying on their side or back while sleeping. They find the position generally comfortable and a good way to obtain a good night=s sleep. However, there are some who find the pressure that this position places upon their spine, back or shoulders uncomfortable. These people may start out sleeping in such a position, but find themselves tossing and turning even after a short amount of time. Others may place a separate pillow under their neck to provide support; however, after a short amount of time, the two pillows become separated. Inventor Murray has created a means by which support and comfort can be provided for a sleepers head and neck.

This clever new invention is a pillow with an attached narrow cylindrical pillow, which provides neck support. The unique design encourages spinal alignment and improves overall quality of sleep. Finally, the invention reduces pressure on the back, neck and shoulder areas of the users, which makes sleeping on ones side or back more comfortable. The use of the Two-Piece Neck Support Pillow provides enhanced comfort which results in a good night's sleep.

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