Two-Piece Modular Boat

The invention is a two-piece flat boat that connects together forming a full size functional flat boat and eliminates the work of having to haul.

  • Forms a Completely Watertight Hull
  • Conserves Space during Storage & Transportation
  • Removable Snap-In Seats
  • 2 Halves Fit Inside One Another for Storage
  • Perfect for Camping & Fishing


Utility Patent #8,783,203

Story Behind the Invention

Recreational boating has earned a well-deserved spot on the list of favorite pastimes. The ability to get outside and enjoy warm weather, sunshine, and water makes boating truly enjoyable. Many people turn to the use of a flat boat to get out on the water, especially when fishing, or just exploring local waterways. Unfortunately, even small versions of such boats must be transported by trailer or on the roof of a large car or boat. Problems also arise as to where to store such boats when they are not in use. Their odd size takes up a large amount of space in garages or storage sheds. Others may be forced to store them outside in the yard, thus sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of their home. Inventor Woods has created a means by which flat boats can be modified to address these deficiencies, yet maintain fun and easy to use.

This clever new invention forms a completely watertight hull. It conserves space during storage and transportation. It provides removable snap-in seats. Two halves fit inside one another for storage. It is perfect for camping and fishing. The use of the Two-Piece Modular Boat provides users with the benefit of a full-size aluminum flat boat, but without the burden of storage or transport.

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