Two-Level Travel Stroller for Children

The invention is a collapsible stroller system that features a means for attachingan infant carrier in a shopping cart or sit a child up to 40 lbs,making it possible to transport two different age children.

  • Collapsible &Easy to Transport
  • Makes Errands &Travel Easier
  • Removable,Washable Seat Pads
  • Integral CupHolder & Snack Tray
  • Receptacle forUmbrella/Diaper Bag


Patent #8,282,119

Story Behind the Invention

InventorKristina Caksa announces her patent pendinginvention known as the Two Level Travel StrollerFor Children.

InventorCaksa developed this clever innovation, which isa collapsible stroller system that features a means for attaching astandard infant carrier, making it possible to transport an infantalong with an older child. The infant carrier features a moldedplastic seat that is attachable to the handle area of the strollerusing fold-out support members. The child stroller system providesenhancements such as removable and washable padded cloth liners, seatbelts, a cup holder and a snack tray across the front lap area of theinfant. When the infant carrier is attached to the stroller, aninfant can be safely transported on the same stroller with a secondchild. The second child would sit facing front on the lower portionsimilar to most existing child strollers. Thestroller system may also be reconfigured to allow the infantoccupying the upper position to sit facing the caregiver. The use ofthe Two-Level Travel Stroller forChildren not only increases thefunctionality and versatility of the common stroller, but does so ina manner that is fun for the child and convenient for the parent.

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