Tube Attachment for Brassiere

The invention is designed to be worn by women while sleeping to minimize the wrinkling of the skin of the upper chest area that results from sleeping on their side.

  • Decreases Damage to the Skin
  • Provides Added Support  
  • Worn While Sleeping
  • Attaches with Magnetic Fasteners
  • Ideal for Most Types of Brassieres


Design Patent #D772,531

Story Behind the Invention


As weage as women we know the challenges and frustrations that come with achanging body. Just about every aspect of ourselves changesovertime, yet we are determined to fight change until the end. Onechange occurs in our skin as sun damage and aging cause wrinkles justabout everywhere on our bodies. One particular area is that of thechest, and these wrinkles can increase as we sleep on our side atnight. Some women attempt to wear a brassiere while sleeping, butthis usually is not enough to avoid wrinkles and creases in the chestarea. Our inventor has created a means bywhich women can avoid chest wrinkles caused by sleeping on onesside.

Thisclever new invention decreases damage to the skin while providingadditional support. It will attach via a magnetic fastener, and willwork with most types of bras. The use of the TubeAttachment for Brassiere allows women to avoidunsightly chest wrinkles in a manner that is quick, easy andeffective.

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