Window Maintenance Device for Large Vehicles

The invention is a windshield ice scraper/snow brush specifically designed for large trucks, semis, heavy equipment and similar vehicles.

  • Long Handle to Reach Windshields & Body Surfaces
  • Provides Clear Vision & Safer Driving  
  • Interchangeable Heads Provided
  • Eliminates Climbing Thus Preventing Potential Injuries 
  • Adaptable squeegee & scrubber sponge Options Available


Utility Patent 8,375,500

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Michael Kevin Aguirre of Pueblo, CO has created a windshield ice scraper and snow brush that is specifically designed for large trucks, semis, and heavy equipment.

Maintaining a clean automobile windshield is an absolute necessity when it comes to safe driving. The most common tool available to perform this task is an ice scraper and snow brush combination. Proper use of such a tool keeps wintertime driving safe for everyone. It is capable of removing large quantities of snow and ice, and ensures that the vehicle is free of these hindrances. However, its effective nature quickly becomes limited when it is used on a large vehicle with a windshield that is far off of the ground, such as a tractor trailer rig, snow plow, bus, or even large SUVs. Even if one should have a long enough handle, it is extremely difficult to apply adequate downward pressure to scrape and remove stubborn ice. Inventor Aquirre has designed a means by which ice and snow can be removed from large vehicles.

This clever new invention has a long handle that reaches high windshields and other surfaces. It provides for clear vision and safer driving of large vehicles. Additionally, it features interchangeable heads, including a squeegee and scrubber sponge. The use of the Window Maintenance Device For Large Vehicles allows for the removal of ice and snow from large vehicles in a manner which is safe, easy, and effective.

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