Truck Tarpaulin

The Truck Tarpaulin is a tarp based cargo retaining device for pickup truck beds.

  • Prevents Items from Falling Out While Travelling Down Roadways
  • Eliminates Messy Cleanups
  • Made of Heavy Duty Military Grade Canvas
  • Won’t Interfere with Tailgate or Door Operation
  • Ideal for Delivery Trucks or Contractors


Design Patent #D761,715.

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Trent D. Travis of Forest Lake, MN has created a tarp based cargo retaining device for pickup truck beds.

Items such as leaves, mulch, and compost are usually transported in an open truck bed; however, this often causes the carried material to blow out while traveling down the road. This not only poses a safety risk to other drivers, but results in a loss of material as well. Larger items can be strapped in, but oddly sized items are difficult to secure properly. Properly secured items are still at risk since they are exposed to elements like rain, dust, dirt, and other contaminants. Inventor Travis has created a means by which various types of items can be hauled in a pickup truck without issue.

This clever new invention prevents items from falling out while travelling down roadways. It eliminates messy cleanups. The device is made of heavy duty military grade canvas. It wont interfere with tailgates or door operation. It is ideal for delivery trucks or contractors. Its also a great item for moving or transporting kids to college!

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