Truck Bed Body Protector

The Truck Bed Body Protector is a protective covering system for the bed area of a pickup truck that provides multiple benefits.

  • Helps Keep Vehicles Looking Their Best
  • Protects Interior and Exterior Surfaces from Dents and Scratches
  • Covers and Protects Carried Loads
  • Tent Structure Can Be Formed For Sleeping
  • Can Also Be Provided With Graphics for Marketing or Advertising Purposes


Utility Patent #9,333,894.

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Robert L. Hunting, Sr. of Elk Grove, CA has created a protective covering system for the bed area of a pickup truck that provides multiple benefits.The utility and convenience in hauling items coupled with the availability of luxury interiors and extended cab space have made the pickup truck a popular alternative to other vehicles. Aftermarket accessories also enhance the appeal of pickup trucks. One common accessory is the truck bed cap. They cover and protect the contents of the bed area from weather elements or theft. However, these pickup truck bed covers do little to protect the sides of the pickup truck. There are also times when the volume of the pickup truck bed is inadequate to carry the desired load. Inventor Hunting has created a means by which a pickup truck bed cover can be modified to address these needs and stand out from other truck bed caps on the market today. This clever new invention helps keep vehicles looking their best. It protects interior and exterior surfaces from dents and scratches. It covers and protects carried loads. A tent structure can be formed for sleeping. The device can transform to an awning for shade. The invention can also be provided with graphics for marketing or advertising purposes.
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