Trench Filling Attachment

The Trench Filling Attachment is an attachment for a tractor or skid steer that is designed to back fill trenches.

  • Attaches to Tractors, Front Loaders, or Skid Steer Machines
  • V-Shaped Plow Blades
  • Allows Backfilling in One Pass
  • More Even and Consistent Backfill
  • Produces Higher-Quality Jobs


Utility Patent #9,051,713

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Darren Paul Thompson of Rolette, ND has created an attachment for a tractor or skid steer that is designed to backfill trenches.

Small trenches are commonly used for underground utilities such as water, electric, telecommunication, and sewer. While the time consuming process of hand digging such trenches is still performed, others use large piece of equipment. Such equipment often places the removed soil on both sides of the trench. These trenches must be backfilled. Once again, large pieces of mechanical equipment, such as front loaders, bull dozers, or even skid steer units, are called upon to assist. Due to the open trench, multiple passes are required which exposes the surround grade and grass area to damage. Additionally, the trench is often unevenly backfilled, resulting in an uneven final grade after settling which requires a return visit and additional cost. Inventor Thompson has created a means by which small utility trenches can be easily backfilled to address these concerns.

This clever new invention attaches to tractors, front loaders, or skid steer machines. It has v-shaped plow blades. It allows for even and more consistent backfilling in one pass. It produces higher-quality jobs. The use of the Trench Filling Attachment allows for the backfilling of small open trenches in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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