Tree Step Installation Tool

The invention is a tool to aid in the insertion and removal of tree steps used with blinds in trees while hunting.

  • "L-Shape Crank Improves Leverage
  • Can Be Used With/Without Gloves
  • Lightweight & Easy To Transport
  • Increases Safety Of Climbing
  • Ecologically Friendly

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Phil F. Cooley of Climax, MI, presents his patent pending invention which aids in the installation and removal of tree steps.

Tree steps are used to help gain a vantage point from high up in a tree; particularly for hunting. While these steps provide tremendous convenience, they can be difficult to screw into the tree; often frustrating and time consuming to install. Inventor Cooley has developed a tool to aid in this task.

This clever new invention features an L-shaped crank which improves leverage. This makes it easier to install and remove tree steps. It is lightweight and easy to transport. The invention can be used by anybody, from young to old, meek or strong, and does not even require the use of gloves. Moreover, better installation of the steps increases safety of climbing. Use of the Tree Step Installation Tool saves time and frustration while increasing safety.

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