Tree Stand Accessory Basket

The invention is a durable storage containerthat easily attaches to a hunting tree stand for storing personal items while hunting.

  • Holds all types of hunting supplies
  • Enhances comfort & convenience
  • Increases safety
  • Reduces chances of alerting game
  • Covered basket prevents any damage


Patent #D664,767

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Robert E. Shewmaker of Ramsey, IN has designed a handy basket which keeps essential hunting items within arms reach while hunting in a tree stand.

Over the years, modern advances in hunting equipment have enhanced the sport, providing hunters with increased success. An example of such equipment is the tree stand, which provides a stable, elevated surface for the hunter to sit or stand so that they are nearly invisible to any prey. However, most tree stands provide very little space for storage of necessary hunting supplies, forcing hunters to look for any possible location to store items such as binoculars, water bottles, food, ammunition, and the like. These often inaccessible locations may cause the hunter to reach and stretch excessively which may startle any game animals and could even cause dangerous falls. Other hunters may drive nails into the tree for hanging objects. This is not only an impalement safety hazard for the hunter or others who may follow, but may lead to permanent tree damage as well. Inventor Shewmaker has created a unique product which allows all necessary items to be easily accessible in order to practically eliminate any chance of disturbing game animals.

This clever new invention features a durable plastic basket which can hold all types of hunting supplies, including deer calls, binoculars, food, ammunition, and more. It also includes a lid to prevent any water or foreign material from entering the basket. Not only does the invention increase safety by minimizing movement in the tree stand, but it also enhances ones comfort and convenience by allowing any essential items to be stored within arms reach. The Tree Stand Accessory Basket provides hunters who use tree stands a method of storing supplies which can be quickly and easily accessed in a manner which will not alert any nearby game animals.
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