Travel Shoe Closet

This invention is designed to hold multiple pairs of shoes in a protected and ready-to-use state while traveling.

  • Holds Up Multiple Pairs Of Shoes
  • Protects Shoes when Traveling
  • Easier To View & Access Shoes
  • Saves Time & Effort During Packing
  • Swivel Wheels & Retractable Pull Handle


Design Patent #: D688,456

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Denise Hare of Atlanta, GA has invented a new apparatus designed to hold multiple pairs of shoes while traveling.

Luggage is an important part of any travel plan. However, most luggage carriers are not well adapted for carrying shoes. Travelers are forced to resort to either stuffing shoes in with other items in a manner which crushes the shoes, or leaving them loose. Inventor Hare created the Travel Shoe Closet in order to solve these problems. This invention is a multi-compartment piece of luggage specifically designed to accommodate multiple pairs of shoes in a way which prevents damage and allows them to be easily stored at the destination.

This clever new invention is perfect for safely transporting multiple pairs of shoes. This item can save a lot of hassle during the packing process. In addition, the compartmentalized nature of the invention makes it much easier to view and access shoes at the destination location. The design includes swivel wheels and a retractable pull handle to make transporting the device extremely easy. The use of the Travel Shoe Closet is the perfect way to add organization and comfort to any trip!

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