Trash Can with Detachable Upper Section

The invention is a three-part trashcan designed to make the removal of filled trash can liners from large trash cans easier.

  • Detachable Upper Lid & Middle Sleeve
  • Middle Sleeve Is Lifted Over Trash Liner 
  • Foot Pedal to Aid in Lifting
  • Pieces Snap Together When In Use
  • Eliminates Lifting Of Heavy Trash


Design Patent #D825,878

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jeffrey Lee Lewis of Kiowa, OK has designed a three-part trashcan designed to make the removal of filled trash can liners easier.

One of the many chores that plague our everyday lives is dealing with trash generated from the kitchen, desk area, or other sources. Although not time consuming and simple in routine, the job is often burdened by problems that arise when the trash is placed into trashcans that use a trash can liner. One particular source of irritation is when the full liner or bag must be removed from the can. More often than not, the vacuum formed between the liner and the can causes the can to lift up with the liner or causes the liner to tear when attempting to dislodge it, creating even more of a mess and wasting time. This is especially true with yard waste, and presents an even greater burden on the disabled or elderly who do not have the physical strength to lift a full trash can liner several feet in the air. Inventor Lewis has created a means by which trash can liners can be easily removed from trashcans without the disadvantages.

This clever new invention has several features that allow a full trash can liner to be lifted easily, including detachable upper lid and middle sleeve, and a foot pedal. All of the trash can pieces easily snap together for ease of reassembly. The use of the Trash Can with Detachable Upper Section provides a unique alternative to conventional trashcans that allow one to remove full liners in a quick, easy, and efficient manner.

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