Trash Burning Receptacle

Our Trash Burning Receptacle is an apparatus designed to slowly burn recycled paper based material like carry out trays for the purposes of repelling mosquitoes, and other insects. A Flame is simply lit, and then blown out. It will continue to smolder and smoke for up to 45 minutes inside where the smoke will exit around the perimeter.

  • Smoke Repels Mosquitoes & Other Insects
  • Utilizes Smoldering/Smoking Paper Products
  • Does Not Use Toxic Chemicals
  • Used in Outdoor Environments
  • Ashes Safely Collect in the Bottom of the Box

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Donald A. Booker Sr. of Fredericton, NB has created an apparatus designed to slowly burn paper based material for the purpose of repelling mosquitoes and other pesky insects in an outside well ventilated environment.

Mosquitoes and other insects commonly put a damper on outdoor nighttime activities such as parties, picnics, cook-outs, or even just sitting on the porch. Area foggers, candles, and fly swatters provide some relief, but they require the use of hazardous chemicals, or constant attention. Mosquito traps, bug zappers, or electrical-discharge insect-control systems also help to alleviate these insects, but do so in a distracting manner that utilizes electricity, propane, and other energy sources. Some of these repellants are dangerous to pets and small children, and can cause issues with adults should they become ingested, or get into eyes. Inventor Booker has created a means by which mosquitoes and similar insects can be repelled without these disadvantages.

This clever new invention uses smoke to repel mosquitoes and other insects. It utilizes smoldering and smoking paper products. It does not use toxic chemicals. It is for use in outdoor environments. Ashes safely collect in the bottom of the box. The use of the Trash Burning Receptacle repels mosquitoes in a manner which is not only very effective, but very safe and natural as well.

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