Transportable Pastry Container

This invention is a multi-levelcarrying container which allows the user to transport and access baked goodswith ease.

  • Locks In Freshness
  • Multiple Storage Compartments
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Decreases Cabinet/Countertop Clutter
  • 180 Lid Tilt


Utility Patent 8,464,889

Story Behind the Invention

InventorsLois Keithley and Darrin Keithley of Rogersville, MOhave designed a multi-level carrying container which allows the user totransport and access baked goods with ease.

Just about everyoneenjoys the taste of baked goods.  Most ofthese goods are purchased at a bakery where they are packaged in a largecardboard box.  While such boxes haveworked well, they are not without their disadvantages.  First, the boxes are somewhat flimsy and areprone to easily being crushed or falling apart. Second, the boxes are not airtight, and can thus allow the enclosedbaked goods to become stale.  Finally,the cardboard box is simply discarded after use, thus adding to the waste inour landfills.  The Inventors havecreated a means by which baked goods can be easily purchased and transportedwithout the disadvantages of traditional cardboard boxes.

This clever new invention has multiple storagecompartments and a lid that tilts at 180 degrees.  The container not only locks in freshnesspreserving baked goods longer, but is also environmentally friendly.  Finally, the invention can decrease cabinetand countertop clutter.  The use of the Transportable Pastry Container providesa better way of purchasing and transporting baked goods in a manner which providesfor better tasting products.

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