Transportable, Collapsible Cart for Building Materials

  • Hinged Upright Supports
  • Supported By Four Swivel Casters
  • 500 Pound Weight Capacity
  • Collapsible For Easy Storage
  • Great For Moving Plywood & Sheetrock
  • Plywood Crossbar Base Hauls Bulky Items


Utility Patent #8,641,061

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Dale W. Sims of Albuquerque, NM has developed a new method to aid in the moving of large, thin items such as doors, plywood, countertops in a manner which is safe and easy.

Materials that are heavy, wide and thin such as doors, plywood panels, and countertops pose many problems during the construction process. Normal hand trucks work fine in wide open areas, but are not very helpful in narrow areas such as hallways. Inventor Sims designed the Transportable, Collapsible Cart for Building Materials as an alternate tool for navigating materials through these difficult areas.

This clever new invention incorporates hinged upright supports and four swivel casters to allow the user to easily move up to 500 pounds. In addition, the cart is small enough to move items such as plywood, sheet rock, construction materials, and supplies and equipment through narrow areas of a construction site. When finished, the cart collapses into a smaller shape for easy carrying and storage. The use of the Transportable, Collapsible Cart for Building Materials is a great way to streamline any construction project.

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